PillTech Welcomes Strategic Investment from Choice Accelerator Amidst Khmer New Year Celebrations

PillTech Welcomes Strategic Investment from Choice Accelerator Amidst Khmer New Year Celebrations

Choice Accelerator CEO, Jennifer Lin and PillTech Solutions CEO, Dr. Vireak Khloth Chea.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 15th April 2024– As Cambodia celebrates the Khmer New Year, PillTech Solutions Pte. Ltd., a trailblazer in online pharmaceutical wholesaling with headquarters in Singapore and operations across Cambodia, proudly announces a pivotal new investment from Choice Accelerator. This new investment comes during the Khmer New Year, symbolizing a fresh start and renewed momentum for PillTech as it continues to expand its operations and impact, highlighting the company's potential to attract global investors from Singapore, South Korea, and now Taiwan.

About the Investment
Choice Accelerator, which specializes in empowering startups in Cambodia and Taiwan, extends beyond financial support to offer mentorship, strategic connections, and resources essential for entrepreneurial success. This investment reflects Choice’s mission to foster innovation and support solutions that address societal challenges, particularly in the health sector.

PillTech’s Mission and Expansion
Founded in 2020, PillTech has revolutionized pharmaceutical distribution in Cambodia through a comprehensive B2B platform that enhances accessibility to essential medications, particularly in rural and underserved areas. The company aims to use this investment to broaden its reach, diversify its product offerings, and further develop its technological infrastructure.

Future Ambitions
With the backing of Choice Accelerator, PillTech is set to embark on an expansion that includes scaling up operations the provinces of Cambodia and enriching its educational initiatives through PillTech Academy. This academy is dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of pharmacists nationwide in ICT and business operation, aligning with Cambodia’s healthcare improvement goals.

Comments from PillTech’s CEO
Dr. Vireak Chea, a certified pharmacists from California and also the CEO and Founder of PillTech, expressed his enthusiasm: “Receiving this investment from Choice Accelerator during the Khmer New Year is a promising sign for the future. It not only boosts our growth prospects but also solidifies our mission to make healthcare more accessible. Jennifer Lin from Choice has been exceptionally supportive, offering guidance as we expand into the provinces to make a significant impact on healthcare accessibility.”

About Choice Accelerator
Choice Accelerator invests in visionary entrepreneurs committed to creating positive changes in society through innovative solutions. It provides capital, mentorship, and strategic networking opportunities to support the growth and success of startups in Cambodia and beyond.

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